About Boomguest

Why create another on-line event scheduler

Boomguest was created as an alternative to the increasingly profit-motivated event schedulers, such as Evite, that put money ahead of users. While other schedulers sacrifice user experience for advertising dollars, and collect personal data in order to help advertisers sell you more junk you don't need, Boomguest is motivated purely by a desire to build an easy-to-use online tool to help you plan successful events. We will never collect any information about you for any reason other than to enhance your experience on our site.

Why we are different

Who we are

Boomguest is not a publicly traded corporation with a mandate to be as profitable as possible. It is a private enterprise run by a few web professionals. We love what we do and will keep deploying cool features as long as usage and revenue enable us to do so.

How you can help

You can help make this a better online event scheduler by reporting bugs and typos here. Please keep using Boomguest and encourage your friends to use it as well.