Boomguest is the easiest, fastest way to send an event invitation online.

  • • It's free, of course.
  • • Our site is faster and easier to use than other online event sites.
  • • No need to choose from a zillion templates, just enter your event information and go.
  • • Your invitations are private and secure. Only people on the guest list can view invitations.
  • • Guests can reply to an invitation without having to create an account.
  • • We hate ads as much as you do, that's why there aren't any*.

  • *Well, to be perfectly honest: there aren't any ads for now. In order to keep Boomguest free for users, we will eventually have to run some ads. But we promise to always keep them out of your way and to a minimum.

One invitation, three easy steps.

  1. Enter your event's basic information.
  2. Choose a time and location for your event.
  3. Create the guest list by emails or upload your address book.
You're done! Once you've sent your invitation, you can come back anytime to check on your guests' responses, edit your invitation or email a message to the people on your guest list.

Sounds great, how do I get started?

To create an account, all you need are a login name and password. Boomguest doesn't ask you any personal questions about gender, birthdate, or location, because we aren't collecting your information to sell to advertisers.

Once you have an account, you're ready to begin creating your event invitations right away.

Cool features

Import your address book

It's so much easier to import your address book than to have to enter all those emails one at a time. Boomguest uses Plaxo to import your address book from your AOL, Gmail, Yahoo, Outlook, Plaxo or other email accounts.

Google Maps

When you enter the address of your party, Boomguest automatically maps it with Google Maps, and displays the map on your invitation. No need to worry about providing directions.

Events on the go

Guests can receive and reply to invitations on their mobile phones and PDA's (Palm, Blackberry, etc.). Great for those friends who are always on the go.

Time saver

We said we were fast, remember? Boomguest brings it down to the basics so you can get your event up and going without wading through pages of templates and colour swatches. Not only that, Boomguest will help you send off an invitation in record time by recognizing and completing addresses from your address book as you enter them (type assist).

Name your venue

Boomguest saves your party venues, so when you're planning a party, you don't have to start from scratch each time. Just select your venue, and we'll remember the details.

Accurate head count

It's important to know exactly how many people, as well as who to expect when you're planning an event. Boomguest gives you the most accurate possible guest list by encouraging guests to name the people coming with them, not just tell you that they'll be coming «+2». And we're currently working on a way to automatically pair couples, in order to avoid the common error of both people in a couple responding «yes, +1».